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Forsyth County Customs

Forsyth County Customs builds top-notch custom cars and trucks for clients who are as focused on excellence as we are. Custom vehicles should make a statement, and building them takes a team of highly-skilled professionals who can take a creative vision and turn it into reality. If you're ready to have your dream ride brought to life, contact us and let's get started!

The Right Wheels are Key to a Successful Build

Forsyth County Customs - Forgeline Wheels
GF3 Open Lug
Forgeline CF201D Pearl Gray 21
Forgeline CF203D Brushed

Why should you choose Forgeline Wheels for your build? Forsyth County Customs believes that Forgeline builds the best wheels on the market, and that's why we work with them. Excellent engineering, stellar looks, and superb durability are forged into each of their wheel designs. To learn more about them, click here.

We Are Atlanta's Source for Tesla Performance Upgrades!

Tesla Performance Upgrades by Unplugged Performance

Click here to learn more about how Forsyth County Customs can help you take your Tesla to the next level.


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