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The American muscle car - the ultimate expression of power and bravado – street legal and attainable. In the sixties and early seventies, these cars dominated drag strips and the cruising scene. If you were a teenager with a license, you spent every waking hour (the sleeping ones as well), thinking of ways to get your hands on one of these glorious machines. Working overtime, a second job...whatever it took, the V8 rumble and tire smoke was the goal, and nearly everything else came second.

The mid to late seventies was a dark period for high-horsepower American cars, and it took well into the eighties and nineties for things to get back on track. Still, manufacturers would not put the kind of power, seen back in the glory days, into their battle cruisers until recent years. Even though performance returned, and even improved, something had been lost - the emotion that the muscle car era evoked. Enthusiasts still long for it, and when the demand is there, you give the people what they want.

George Smith, the owner of Forsyth County Customs, lives on the very same high-octane emotion. His passion took shape when he bought a small fabrication shop in Alpharetta, Georgia and began to restore his first muscle car. But George is an innovator, and he wanted more than just a restoration...he wanted a "restomod". Restomods are the best of both worlds. You still get the old school look, feel and smell that comes from classic American muscle, but the added bonuses are all the modern technological advances that enhance the classic performance. Better brakes, better fuel management, better cooling...all add up to a better experience.

Recognizing strength in numbers, George assembled an experienced team of fabricators, technicians and logistics wizards to establish a force to be reckoned with in the custom car and truck world. Top-notch is an understatement, and one need only look at builds such as "FOPAR" - Forsyth County Customs' Mopar-powered 1955 Ford F100 to see just how focused on excellence the team really is. We're driven by passion and pour our hearts into each project. Our clients become family members, and we hope that you'll let us build that special project you've always dreamed of.

Forsyth County Customs - 65 Chevelle SS
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