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Rate Policies

The Value of Time

Everyone employed here at Forsyth County Customs is a passionate professional, with an absolute dedication to the success of this business. Whether we are consulting, researching parts, troubleshooting, testing, or fabricating, our team strives for the same level of achievement - and we charge the same shop rate for all of them. Delivering creativity, value and attention to quality to our clients is of the utmost importance to us. The bill we present each of our clients is what funds those efforts. Here are some key points that help explain the process:


  • Initial project consultation and estimate is $500.

  • Our shop rate is $110 per hour.

  • If you have changes in design during the project, or additional items/details that you want incorporated, just let us know or schedule an additional consultation. Please keep in mind that we will be on the clock and thus it will show up on your invoice.

  • Parts for your project must be paid for in advance. All other billing is bi-monthly (on the 1st and 15th) and accounts must be kept current.

  • We ask that your vehicle not be delivered to the shop until the parts for the project are here in the shop. We'll also advise you on any other factors that may require a delay in your vehicle's delivery to us.

Thanks for your attention and your support!


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