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When it comes to building a world-class custom, be it a RESTOMOD, RAT ROD, or CLASSIC PICKUP, our approach is straight-forward: we give 110% on every build. From concept to completion, our top-notch team members pour their heart and soul into every detail. None of what we do is easy. But that's okay. If easy was the goal, we'd all be selling Hondas.

What we do is only half of the equation. The other half? That's you. So, we need our prospective clients to be just as dedicated to success as we are. These builds are time-intensive and require extensive budgets, in order to insure that the very best rides hit the road. Each build is its own unique creation, and there's countless parts and pieces that go into each of them. Much of what goes into a given project is fabricated, right here at Forsyth County Customs. 

All of this means that we don't accept every project that is brought to us. Let's face it - some people just aren't that committed. That's okay. There's other shops that will settle for less. We want to be the best. That means we need clients to share in that dedication.

We are currently interviewing prospective clients for projects. If you've got a vision, and you've got the dedication it takes to see it through to completion, let's talk. Contact us so we can have a discussion about your project. If your level of passion is on par with ours, and you've got the budget to support the project, we can make your dream a reality. Click here to use our contact form.

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