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Got Nitrous? Give It A Shot!

"I'm giving' her all she's got, Captain!" Oh no you're not, Scotty - don't lie! There's always a way to find more power. Kirk knew it, and we know it. Superchargers, turbos, trick internals...there's lots of options available for making more power, but often times, those options can get pretty expensive - and they can do so very quickly. Nitrous is an option that can add more power, and can do it without quite the investment that some of the other routes require.

Forsyth County Customs | Nitrous Installations

To expand the options available to our customers, Forsyth County Customs has added a nitrous wizard to the team. Russell McGehee has spent over two decades turning wrenches, and a good chunk of that time has been dedicated to installing and tuning nitrous systems on high performance vehicles. How high performance are we talking? How about a Dodge Viper that cranks out 1,600 horsepower to evaporate the quarter-mile? 400 of those ponies are courtesy of the bottle. On the supply-side of the equation, we've partnered with Nitrous Outlet, in order to offer a wide range of solutions for most of the types of vehicles we see in our shop on a regular basis. We're excited about the relationship, and look forward to seeing the results the installation of their systems will produce.

As is the case with any project, the key to success is finding the right options for your particular application and mapping out the plan for a final solution. That all starts with a conversation. Give us a call at (877) 437-0709 and let's get that conversation started today!

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